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As a way of Smart City Planning initiative, Transit Group Incorporated(TGI) designs sustainable solutions for transportation. Recently TGI group of companies was awarded a public private cooperative, based on the value thinking designs of TGI. As consulting technology partners, we recognized the ability of taxis, as a network, to provide on demand private rides to the ADA compliant rider. This restructuring creates mobility for the ADA rider, full day’s work for the taxi drivers, and reduces accessible rides cost for the METRO. Additionally since the thousands of dedicated taxi chauffeurs gladly have less of a hustle and more of a dedicated route, road traffic is more controlled, and reduces stress for the dedicated chauffeurs. The ADA rider appreciates having the option of a private ride, without prescheduling need. TGI creates an extra level of desirability of this product model, by making invoicing integrated in the ride scheduling software giving Public Agencies ease of audit. That is TGI provides its partner with live data and visualization for the rides booked and in route via a web based application.

The reservation ticketing management chain is seamless and certain for invoicing reconciliation. Taxi cab company’s booking and invoicing cost is reduced and transparent as well.

The public private collaborative is truly a top down solution with the ADA rider in mind even though the benefit also comes to

Transit retaining money for other projects

The private companies have jobs

The regular rider has option of closest cab

The on demand chauffeur has income

The transparency of traffic

The auditing ease

And of course creating a better world for the ADA rider is its own reward.

Video of product

Sherri Mohebbi

Director of Outreach

Transit Group Incorporated

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Ah, to not have to miss a day at home waiting for the delivery truck to bring the new dishwasher or table, or the service person to come to fix the plumbing or the heating and air conditioning!  That day is here!

The MARS booking app allows the fleet manager to enter the  deliveries scheduled for the day and the app assigns the best most efficient route to take and allows the consumer to see when their turn will be via a notification of your choice.  Lets say you can safely get yourself home from work in 15 minutes, the app will send you notifications to let you know when the service/delivery vehicle is on the way to your house.  No more calling the call center dispatcher for when will the delivery or service take place?  The call center will get accurate view of where the vehicle is and will let consumer be aware of the traffic situation or extra time spent at earlier stops.

The call center can maintain composure, and provide better service. The consumer does not have to stay the whole day at home, the driver can recount his/her traffic predicament or the extra time on the job with transparency.  The manger can schedule driver time more efficiently and have good reporting capabilities.

Additionally the consumer can receive the latest in promotions from the subscribing retailers and choose the stores and services that may be relevant.  The consumer can rate the service provided right on the app, and therefore the consumer can select based on particular criteria.

That’s why MARS app is the most powerful city app in the world.  Life changing!