Designing with compassion

About 40 years ago, when I use to spend all my days in the Chemistry laboratory and taking philosophy courses trying to find rhyme and reasons about life, at the sundown I’d head back home to my apartment. The bus was my method of commuting and I’d walk about 9 mnts to the bus stop on Massachusetts Ave. The service was erratic and the wait was tolerable except when bad weathers in winter would bring a ton of snow and freezing temperatures. Add that my young stuburnheadedness about not wearing for the weather and that left me knee deep in snow with no booths or warm jacket. On such occasion the bus would run late or skip service all together. Needless to say waiting for over an hour in these circumstances really gets your concept of life a good shake. Dependency becomes apparent, and music like Barbara Streisand, people who need people chimes in. Years later with a Masters Degree in physical Chemistry, and years of experience in data base and computer system applications and office administration and children that are independent, I understand the strength of a product that can communicate the time of arrival of a mobile vehicle to a mobile device.
The problem for the rider is still not resolved though as the mobile device has a high monthly cost, and the typical bus commuter may not be apt to have s $70 a month mobile phone plan.
A simple bus stop modification that would communicate the minutes to the next bus would ease the rider’s mind. This solar digital display would allow rider to decide to stay in a sheltered area if the bus will not becoming soon perhaps.
Even though this design may not land us on the moon, but think of how many happy commuters we could have.