Saving the Future of the Taxi Cabs and ultimately the public Transit Industry

Posted on February 19, 2016 by itcurvesnet
Taxis as part of public transit with county set price and jurisdiction and number available restriction are worth saving!  The taxi industry serves the civil society pretty much since cars became a means of transportation. Serving any in need of a ride including the tired, cold, stranded, unscheduled rider! And it’s now time to save the less understood tired taxi industry out of its growing pain via  apps to rival the international ride enabling software companies that are “easy” such as  Uber.   The Uber type companies are unregulated by the society.

Reviving the taxi industry via automation benefits the consumer as well as the managers of the taxi cab companies, while keeping regulations in tact. The angel investor subsidized rides are akin to angel investor subsidized food delivering to ur door. While it feels good, if the food maker has not been certified food handler and delivery is open for any driver, the guarantee that the food is while is gone!

The app software and mobile technology are integrated to allow cab companies to be dispatchable,via an individual, any time, anywhere ( even international).

The nearest cab (from all taxi companies) will be visible, live, on the map, even if blocks away! The cab drivers’s approach is visible on the live map, and notification is sent when the taxi is near. The driver information can be stored and drivers can get ratings and preferential selection by gender or  familiarity.

These features will reestablish the taxi industry as a welcome, integrated part of the app using and safety conscious society.

The currently existing taxi cab companies can become a part of a network of taxi companies.   All taxi companies in the world can be available to riders, wherever the rider is.

The rider does not need to know the name of the local company in a particular area all the rider need is the “MARS APP”.  Using the MARS APP , the rider will find the nearest cab, regardless of the name or color of the cab!

Regulators and taxi cab company owners will benefit from knowing the public rider will remain in the domain of riders, rather than trusting a software company to link riders to rides!

Option for the consumer increases as banding of taxi companies will allow rider to use MARS APP  anywhere in the world.

The evaluation feature of the app will allow for accountability of the driver to shape up as a driver or get bad ratings.

The visibility of the rides on the map will give assurance to rider as to arrival of the cab.

The contact information masking between rider and driver will ensure safety of both individuals,  as apposed to ride sharing apps.

24/7 availability of taxi companies will allow for intervening in case of mishaps.

Ridership for taxi companies will be on the rise as the millennials grow and the new age kids born to smart phones start using taxis.

Rider does not have to take a leap of faith every time he/she gets in a car!

Our company allows Networking of Taxi Companies via an International Roaming software for regulated taxi companies.

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Why do transportation companies need to have more automation and banding in order to enter the 21st century Applicational Revolution!

A Call for Legislature on the Paper Reduction Act

Creating legislature about not being wasteful, may not be a bad thing.

The ride source as distributer/broker needs confirmation that the rider has actually taken a ride, such as a receipt for a purchase transaction. To track whether a ride actually took place or not, a piece of paper will be returned to the broker, by the driver with a signature of the rider. Typically, medical facilities can provide subsidized rides. The ride providing facility as ride source, will print a piece of paper promising to reimburse a ride. This receipt tracking starts with ride broker passes on the paper to the rider. The rider gets in the cab and passes the paper to driver. The driver upon completion of the ride gets the rider’s signature (that constitutes a receipt). Driver brings the paper to cashier at the transportation company that the driver works with. The cashier will pay the driver for the ride in lieu of the piece of paper and the ride performed. The transportation company then bills the broker for the rides performed for the broker.

The transportation note is entered into the digitalized data base that converts the promised note on to a ledger for billing the ride distribution entity on a monthly basis. The paper is then passed on to the audit department for verification, and kept at self-storage for oversight availability. Then there are external audit companies that will audit the paper trail to make sure the rides were taken.
If there are problems with the paper being presented, that paper will be sent back to cashier and issue tracking process starts. Occasionally the driver will have to be contacted and his account will be billed for a job that the ride source did not approve of. The rides that are not confirmed may have taken extra miles to perform, were round trip vs one way.

While paper reduction act could be exerted here, to reduce paper work, there is also, mission accomplishment time, and team, brain resource time reduction act, should be legislated to prevent extra time and resources when possible.

An electronic method of follow through automation is designed by IT Curves intelligent software. A desktop publishing platform that integrates ride providers can be used for entering the ride request at the ride source, with excel uploads or on demand, including asking the individuals to schedule the ride with a particular account. Drivers will be notified of dispatch, the rider, and management will get notified of the pickup proximity and actual pickup. Rider and management have access to the live route driver is taking. At the end of the trip, trip price can be adjusted to the most common price for the ride, or allow explanation of the price variance due to the traffic or weather issues. The rider can sign the signature pad or swipe ID for authentication.

IT Curves took initiative to have a signature capture method for the driver. This can be used for electronic feedback to the oversight entity assuring the rider took the ride. This technology is integrated into the mobile management software of the driver, and back seat payment processor with in the cab.

The management and the rider and driver will have accurate record of transactions in an instant, since the ledgering for a rider and the ride process is noted electronically. The record for the ride is ladgered in seconds intervals, and stored in a single record. Any changes to the record will be engraved in the record with the date and time of the change along with the desktop publisher account holder that made the change to the record. This method of record keeping will allow for the ride provider to have oversight and audit/QC features.
The paper reduction act is wonderful and when should be enacted when possible.
What is actually wasteful that is not legislated as heavily as paper, is the time that multiple employees spend going through this process. That is to have people publish and ship the paper, people to store and dispense the paper, people to carry the paper around. People to process the paper (finally in an electronic billing cashiering module), and office hours used for paper management and storage, retrieval and reconciliation.

Getting in front of the time of the people that do paper processing should have legislature. Allocating the time on paper processing to a better end would result in life enrichment.
Getting in front of scrapping/redoing the software that accomplishes the automation is perhaps the most needed of legislature. That is, time of the software engineering (cooperative effort of think, design, test, put in production) that typically involves 15 or more software engineers, marketing /sales reps, besides the office rent and equipment necessary to produce automation, is not conducive to wastefulness. Please be kind- don’t scrap the hard work of software engineers, it’s an intrinsic law!

Designing with compassion

About 40 years ago, when I use to spend all my days in the Chemistry laboratory and taking philosophy courses trying to find rhyme and reasons about life, at the sundown I’d head back home to my apartment. The bus was my method of commuting and I’d walk about 9 mnts to the bus stop on Massachusetts Ave. The service was erratic and the wait was tolerable except when bad weathers in winter would bring a ton of snow and freezing temperatures. Add that my young stuburnheadedness about not wearing for the weather and that left me knee deep in snow with no booths or warm jacket. On such occasion the bus would run late or skip service all together. Needless to say waiting for over an hour in these circumstances really gets your concept of life a good shake. Dependency becomes apparent, and music like Barbara Streisand, people who need people chimes in. Years later with a Masters Degree in physical Chemistry, and years of experience in data base and computer system applications and office administration and children that are independent, I understand the strength of a product that can communicate the time of arrival of a mobile vehicle to a mobile device.
The problem for the rider is still not resolved though as the mobile device has a high monthly cost, and the typical bus commuter may not be apt to have s $70 a month mobile phone plan.
A simple bus stop modification that would communicate the minutes to the next bus would ease the rider’s mind. This solar digital display would allow rider to decide to stay in a sheltered area if the bus will not becoming soon perhaps.
Even though this design may not land us on the moon, but think of how many happy commuters we could have.

Natural Partners

Cabby businessman are to be available on demand and not by schedule, humble and provider to any rider when and where required. From experience of riding cabs to being around a lot of cab drivers, most drivers are service oriented and giving. 

This character lends well to providing service to those that have a need for attention and care. 

Requiring Paratransit ride providers to be certified and networked will provide ease of mobility for paratransit rider, plus job security for the frailed professional driver. Drivers that are now awakened to the prevalence of angel investor ride providers are not knowledgeable in defending their rights like education providers, doctors, or senators. Similar to people with disability these group of people need help to retain income and not be deflated by some conglomerate, undercutting prices. Government entities typically set the price of taxi rides similar to bus and metro prices and that price is not negotiable.

While the TNCs subsidize rides by angel investors that provide the gift of mobility to the millennials; and that could be a boost to the economy, the professional driver, and public transit is taking the pressure. So much random traffic is created on the road because why not take a $5 ride to ur destination than walk to bus station wait for an unknown amount of time for a bus and walk to ur destination in cold weather or rain. 

If a conglomerate E-education company was to take over the teacher’s job, there would be a lot of talk about adjusting the educators. 

Additionally, the administrators that manage taxi, public transit companies are also at risk of losing the foundation and years of investing in the business. These jobs are changing from rigorous attention requiring, to more data analysis jobs, and sophisticated management software, that needs monitory resource more than basic human resource. 

While the professional chauffeurs apply natural caring behavior, similar to nurses and teachers, this group of citizens are daily astound by lack of attention from riders and law makers. Representatives that can be acknowledging the shift should proactively set guidelines that prevents undue hardship to the caring grassroots worker.

The meeting on Thursday felt a step in the direction of stitching the fabric that connects members despite job ranking. Holistically designing and implementing for the society is what great thinkers manage to design better than any individual would be able to do. 

Transit Group Incorporated designs with the society in mind.  Please have this small company be available at the table where there are grants or funding available to nourish our work, and when there are projects that could benefit from our design and consultancy.

Invest in thinking, it always pays

As a way of Smart City Planning initiative, Transit Group Incorporated(TGI) designs sustainable solutions for transportation. Recently TGI group of companies was awarded a public private cooperative, based on the value thinking designs of TGI. As consulting technology partners, we recognized the ability of taxis, as a network, to provide on demand private rides to the ADA compliant rider. This restructuring creates mobility for the ADA rider, full day’s work for the taxi drivers, and reduces accessible rides cost for the METRO. Additionally since the thousands of dedicated taxi chauffeurs gladly have less of a hustle and more of a dedicated route, road traffic is more controlled, and reduces stress for the dedicated chauffeurs. The ADA rider appreciates having the option of a private ride, without prescheduling need. TGI creates an extra level of desirability of this product model, by making invoicing integrated in the ride scheduling software giving Public Agencies ease of audit. That is TGI provides its partner with live data and visualization for the rides booked and in route via a web based application.

The reservation ticketing management chain is seamless and certain for invoicing reconciliation. Taxi cab company’s booking and invoicing cost is reduced and transparent as well.

The public private collaborative is truly a top down solution with the ADA rider in mind even though the benefit also comes to

Transit retaining money for other projects

The private companies have jobs

The regular rider has option of closest cab

The on demand chauffeur has income

The transparency of traffic

The auditing ease

And of course creating a better world for the ADA rider is its own reward.

Video of product

Sherri Mohebbi

Director of Outreach

Transit Group Incorporated

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Ah, to not have to miss a day at home waiting for the delivery truck to bring the new dishwasher or table, or the service person to come to fix the plumbing or the heating and air conditioning!  That day is here!

The MARS booking app allows the fleet manager to enter the  deliveries scheduled for the day and the app assigns the best most efficient route to take and allows the consumer to see when their turn will be via a notification of your choice.  Lets say you can safely get yourself home from work in 15 minutes, the app will send you notifications to let you know when the service/delivery vehicle is on the way to your house.  No more calling the call center dispatcher for when will the delivery or service take place?  The call center will get accurate view of where the vehicle is and will let consumer be aware of the traffic situation or extra time spent at earlier stops.

The call center can maintain composure, and provide better service. The consumer does not have to stay the whole day at home, the driver can recount his/her traffic predicament or the extra time on the job with transparency.  The manger can schedule driver time more efficiently and have good reporting capabilities.

Additionally the consumer can receive the latest in promotions from the subscribing retailers and choose the stores and services that may be relevant.  The consumer can rate the service provided right on the app, and therefore the consumer can select based on particular criteria.

That’s why MARS app is the most powerful city app in the world.  Life changing!


The taxi cab companies will be re inventing how we manage our days.   This form of transportation accommodates the on demand busy schedules like no other industry.  Yes amazon can deliver some items in an hour (in case you didn’t know it’s actually true in some very urban areas), and so can taxi companies.  Taxi companies can deliver that coat you just purchased from J Crew and pick it up from the mall and get it to your door.  This the consumer can do with a few clicks of the ride booking app, called MARS.  MARS is nationally available from the iTune and Google Play Store .  You can hail the closest cab to your local J Crew and have your item picked up and delivered to your door.  Depending on how close you are to the Mall that may well be worth the price of gas, the aggravation of mall shopping and parking, the reduction of extra cars on the road, and the safety of not being on the road.

Another joy in having taxi service deliver for you is the accurate ETA you can get from you app.  Lets say you are on your way to see a friend and you still have to pick up your medicine from the pharmacy, get flowers, and pick up your dry cleaning.  Well hail the cab on your phone, and leave notes about your errand, and jump in the shower, by the time you come out of the shower, get dressed and ready, your cab will be there with all your goods assuming the stores are in a nearby center to your place!

If food is always a need that get you out of the work place and running to nearby restaurants, fear no more!  You can place your lunch order start to take your lunch break while you wait for the food or the whole office food to arrive.  And a hot summer or cold winter trip to the store to pick up your mom’s medicine and water is possible even if you’re stranded because you can rely on the neighborhood taxi.

And how about that last-minute birthday cake that you still have not picked out and you are running late to manage that?  You guessed it all easily possible.

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